V.P.Dhananjayan buys Madras Music Academy’ BEST BHARATANATYAM ARTISTE AWARD for Madhavi Chandran! (Madhavi Chandra)

Madhavi Chandran

She got the first prize in Mohiniyattam at Kerala’s school youth festival and went on to get Balasri as Mohiniyattam dancer too. Curiously enough, Madhavi Chandran failed to get anything in Bharatanatyam at both events. Who would have expected the Music Academy’s committee to award her the first prize of their coinage? But miracles happen, especially if the young shrewd girl says she aspires to do her postgraduate studies not in dance but in… political science, following the path of Jayalalitha and Rukmini Devi.

In order to reduce the audience who may wonder by what miracle just 10 contestants were “shortlisted” out of 400 applicants, the schedule of the secretive Spirit of Youth contest is no longer published anywhere, nor the names of the judges are made public. What is announced, however, are only the “results”: the title “winner” (the highest bidder). Like the voting results in the Ivory Coast, the organizing committee, it seems, has overruled the judges’ secret marks. The judges don’t know how their marks were counted, or who counted them. Moreover, if the marks were made public, the judges would risk losing any remnants of respect in the dance community.

Here is a convincing and simple proof of criminal negligence of the editor of Narthaki.com, and the illustration of the level of corruption (and a total lack of professionalism) at the Madras Music Academy’s dance competitions:

Madhavi Chandran

Madhavi Chandran

“Madhavi Chandra, a student of Bharatakalanjali (The Dhananjayans) and Regatta Cultural Academy, Thiruvananthapuram ( Girija Chandran), has won the prestigious Madras Music Academy’s BEST BHARATANATYAM ARTISTE AWARD (Spirit of Youth award) for this year. She will be performing on the inaugural day of the Madras Music Academy’s annual Art festival 2010-11.”

The well-known fraudster V.P.Dhananjayan, whose MBA degree helped him to set up a mass production of half-baked “Bharatanatyam” (utterly stupid NRI and outstation dancers whom he “teaches” a few days in a year in a fake “gurukula” system), does not have time to teach them even correct mudras!

7 thoughts on “V.P.Dhananjayan buys Madras Music Academy’ BEST BHARATANATYAM ARTISTE AWARD for Madhavi Chandran! (Madhavi Chandra)

  1. Ashwini, what do you think of Nrityagram? They seem to be the most famous and well-respected dancers from India (google them new York times etc)

  2. First of all, I can’t judge Odissi technically. At least this is what my Odissi friend says when I tell her that Odissi’s technique is far more limited in terms of variety of elements. Personally, I tend to view Nrityagram as similar to Rama Vaidyanathan: as “westernized dancers”.

    Secondly, as for the most famous (where??) and well-respected (by whom??), how is this related to their quality of dance?

    When I ask my Odissi friend where I can see good Odissi, she suggests we go to Orissa and see some unknown and hardly “respected” young dancers.

    Make your conclusions.

    In a few days’ time I will post a huge article on how to assess the classical Indian dancers based on Natya Shastra.

  3. Dear Ashwini, Thank you so much for maintaining this wonderful site. As a non-rasika I learnt something about Bharatanatyam from your site, also grew curiosity for more. I am eagerly waiting for your posts on ‘how to assess dancers based on natya shastra’. Meanwhile please tell me if you know anything about bharatanatyam as pan-indian dance before the cultural destruction of northern India took place. I happened to see this panel in NY museum http://img256.imageshack.us/i/dsc00780ox.jpg/
    This was found in pakistan dated around 1st CE, titled as ‘dancers’. Not much information was printed about it. Do you find any similarity with BN moves the way dancers are in this tablet, or I am looking at it in a biased way? Waiting for your response.

  4. Bharatanatyam has never been a “pan-indian dance”. Bharata Muni briefly outlines the north-western people’s nature and their dances. Nothing has changed since.
    As for the picture, it is obviously of the folk dancer moves (quite crude) vaguely reminiscent of Bharatanatyam’s. Variations of these basic moves you can find in many folk/pop dances throughout the world. Many folk (desi) dance movement were refined and made more sophisticated in Bharatanatyam.

  5. udhvardaha prasutavardhachandrakhyo vamadakshinau
    abhayo varadachaiva parvaryaha karaeritaha – Abhinayadarpana.
    Parvati is represented by holding Ardhachandra in the right hand, while the same hasta on the left hand facing downwards. Both the hands show the Abhaya(right that represent fearlessness) and the varadha (left hand grants boon) attributes of the goddess.

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