Articles on Bharatanatyam topics

  1. Sringara Rasa: the mysterious taboo area in the classical Indian dance
  2. Differences between classical Indian dance styles in terms of Natya Shastra, Tantra, calligraphy, mechanical engineering and psychiatry.
  3. Secrets of success of a solo Bharatanatyam recital
  4. Commercialism in Bharatnatyam
  5. What makes a Bharatanatyam dancer successful
  6. The Future of Bharatanatyam vs its past
  7. Judging Bharatanatyam: good and bad
  8. Ranjani Mala

2 thoughts on “Articles on Bharatanatyam topics

  1. You seem too nit picking, yes the technicalities are important, but i would always love to watch a dancer with terrific abhinaya even if her nritta technicalities are lacking…

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